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Whether you are considering MAA to temporarily fill a staffing void, or are interested in off-site Medical Billing & Coding Services over the long haul as a means to help control your businesses expenses, we are at your disposal to help determine how we can best be of service to meet your specific needs. We provide you the flexibility to choose, we can Credential your Medical Staff, clear temporary Billing or Accounts Receivables backlogs over the short term; or, handle Verification of Patient Insurance and EOBs, Claims Submissions, Accounts Receivable issue resolution, Secondary Insurance filing, Insurance Appeals, and Payment Posting on an ongoing basis.

As we specialize in integrating with your existing workflow processes and software systems, there is no need to replace software or retrain personnel.  If you choose us to support your administrative staff, our Billing & Coding Professionals can be fully up to speed with your processes and delivering the highest quality of Medical Billing & Coding Services in as little as two to three days. 

Best of all, as we believe quality of service keeps Customers happy over the long haul, each days Medical Billing tasks are completed within 24 hours, and our non-encumbering, month-to-month, Billing & Coding Services Agreements keep your business options flexible.